What others say 

Best money I ever spent!
— Paul, Manager - Edinburgh UK
I began working with Tineke at a time when I was very unhappy with my work. My main focus was finding my passion. I have had 5 sessions with Tineke and very happy where we got to, I have learnt a lot about myself from the experience. My favourite exercise was the future pacing. I liked how resourceful and knowledgeable Tineke is. I would recommend her as a coach.

— Kasia, Software Tester - London UK
Very professional and friendly coaching that uses emotional intelligence & self-awareness tools to help to achieve your goals and refocus your ambitions into achievable outcomes.

— Kate, Senior Administrator - Glasgow UK
All I needed was a little push toward the right way of thinking and that is exactly what Tineke gave me. I believe in “ Where there’s a will, there’s a way “, but the life I am living blinded me for too long. During our conversations together it became clear to me that there are possibilities and hope to achieve what I always dreamed of. You proved to me that there are many ways to overcome my fears of leaving my current job.

My most useful insight was that there are many opportunities in life waiting to be hunted. You were like a slight light came to my dark room. Your light was more than enough for me to see the door and open it and know my right path.

Normally the person who is under a stress or facing a problem cannot think properly, I think he needs support and help from another person who can see the situation from different perspectives.
— Ehab, Engineer - Saudi Arabia
Great experience and coaching process! I would definitely suggest to have a coaching session with Tineke. Helped me see the big picture, re-evaluate what were my key interests, see different perspectives and focus on how I can take things forward in my own way. All in all a great way to move on if you feel there is something blocking your way through!
— Dr George L - Glasgow UK
Hi Tineke, I found it really worthwhile and it gave me a clearer vision of some simple steps that I can take to get my career aspirations back on track.

I think you are a natural and I found it really easy to share my thoughts and feelings.
— Kevin, Glasgow UK
Tineke is an understanding coach and really helped me to explore working points in a supportive environment. I came out of each session feeling inspired to make changes without compromising my own personality and values and would definitely consider having further coaching in the future.

— Paula, Science Officer - Ostend
After burnout from my job as a Project Manager I felt I was going down a negative spiral and didn’t see how I could turn the page. Tineke offered to coach me and she opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. I realised that my negative thoughts are not to be taken too seriously. They are merely thoughts and it’s the mind that give meaning to them. This insight made huge difference to my daily life as I was now able to observe my negative thoughts without being too attach to them. I was a sceptic at first, I wasn’t sure how coaching could help me, but after our first chat together I realised how powerful coaching can be. You sometimes just need a new perspective on your own way of thinking to break the cycle.
— Colin, Project Manager - Glasgow UK
Before I met Tineke I felt stuck and lacking clarity regarding my future career path. I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t think it was possible to live a meaningful life and have a great job. When we met up for our chats together, I thought I wouldn’t gain anything from this, but after our 3rd session or so I was blown away by the whole experience and how it changed my way of thinking. She tapped into my inner power and showed me a world of possibilities for me

— Paul, Manager - London UK
Thanks Tineke for your support, belief in me and capacity to make me see it otherwise, really appreciate it. You sound like a warm and supportive person.
— Alex, Personal Trainer - London UK
I met up with Tineke to get some insights in how I could unblock my fear of starting my own business. Our meet ups together inspired me to focus on the future and take action in the right direction. After our meet ups I felt energised and ready to start taking my first step.
— Emma, Designer - Glasgow UK